[Posted August 23, 2022] Since 1995, Music Mates has helped thousands of U.S. musicians and bands to connect with each other as well as connecting music instructors with students and bands and musicians for hire with paying opportunities. We would love to continue offering this resource, but we need an aspiring developer or two to step forward and offer to help bring the Music Mates platform to a more current look, feel, and functionity. Not saying you have to work for free, but, since Music Mates is free for participants to view and post, the funds to invest are limited. Music Mates has always been a labor of love with the main reward for developers being experience, a place to experiment, working with a high volume website, and having a great showpiece (and reference from the owner) for bigger gigs. If you would like to discuss working on a rebuild from the ground up, please contact Marty Dickinson at marty@musicmates.com. The Music Mates site will be unavailable until a re-launch is possible. Thanks for your patience and participation all these years!