Here's What Our Participants Have to Say

"I would have to say that while I was teaching guitar and bass, I received a fair number of calls from MusicMates.com. They were extremely instrumental in my getting my name out there. Since last fall, I've stopped teaching but still receive calls for other musical endeavors thanks to MusicMates!!"
Eric Roberts

"Finally a search for musicians that really works! I was able to quickly find several very telented drummers for auditions."

"I was flooded with responses from my Music Mates Posting. I met many great musicians as a result, and found a great group that I have a lot of faith in!"
Michelle Woodside

"I think that MusicMates is the best free music resource I've ever encountered on the web. I've used it several times, and have always gotten results. I recommend MusicMates to all of my musical contacts. It's a great service!!"
Tom Demask

"This is the site that the pros use. I highly recommend it."
Carl Holtzapfel

"I like to suggest Music Mates to my friends who are looking to make the musician/band connection because I have had much success with it in the past, and have found it to be easy to use and browsed by those in the know."
Lisa, Gravity Struck
"I have recieved many calls on my ad and have gotten many auditions from using Music Mates and would recommend putting your ad on the Music Mate web site. It gets results."
Kim Kotoski
"I moved here from Montreal 4 months ago with nobody to play music with. I am now in 3 bands and have jammed with tons of new people. The quality of musicians on the site is phenomenal, everybody is professional and all are great players. I would recommend this site to anyone who loves to play music."
Andre Kort
"I found Music Mates to be the only way I would look for other musicians, or let the music world know I am in the market. I got so many calls that I am still getting feedback from my posting."
Johnny Johnson

"A very effective way to reach bands and musicians. Every one I know uses Music Mates to find the solution that works for them."
"I began getting calls the same day I posted, and hooked up with some excellent quality musicians. Thanks."
John Howard

"Music Mates helped us find the musicians we needed to get out there!"
Brad Reid

"I received 10 responses to the ad in a week. No hassle."

"I found my band October Episode through you gus. Thanks, you rock!"
Sam Johnson
"Music Mates is the best way to find quality players in your locale."
Don Coyote
"This is a reliable source to meet other musicians around the country."
Chester B
"After I placed this posting I received many contacts and was finally able to find a quality group of people near where I live that are doing exactly what I was looking for."
Chuck Smith
"I think Music Mates is awesome...the response is overwhelmint!! Thank you...I would like to return again when things settle down."
Michelle Woodside
"Thanks I got calls for 3 weeks solid and ofund the perfect band."
"Lots of calls, found a band!!"
Scott Snyder
"Every person that I have auditioned and had in my band came from postings here on Music Mates. It's an excellent tool for musicians.  I encourage all musicians to list here and you never know what will happen!"
Rob Chappa
"We found some fantastic musicians to join our band through Music Mates. We had advertising in local trade papers as well, but with little results. Thanks Music Mates!"
"We had been searching for about 6 months through different contacts that we had trying to find a drummer and vocalist for our new project. We placed an ad on Music Mates and within a week had multiple responses that were exactly what we were looking for. We know beyond a doubt that it was due to our Music Mates posting that we were able to complete our new project's lineup and make some great contacts with the other musicians we didn't go with."
Brian Konkle
"Fantastic! to find what you are looking for."
"I have found Music Mates a viable option for the working pro. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone."
Carl Holz
"Awesome, works like a charm!"
"This site rocks! I found a band in a week!"
Aaron Carver
"Fantastic! Put together a bunch of great people for a band."
"I had calls within hours of posting my ad! I had found my new guitar player just days later."
Marilyn Wright
"Fantastic resource for musicians who want more than solo gigs!"
"We received immediate response which filled the slots we had open. Thank You MM!!"
Bruce Clay
"I've been using Music Mates since 1996 and have been able to find people for four different bands in that time."
Shoq, Project Endless
"Music Mates is where the pros turn to when looking for a gig or players."
Carl Holz
"Music Mates is the most valuable resource to help find band members and gigs. SHINE loves Music Mates!"
Merle Stevens
"This Web site helped our band find much needed musicians. It's a great place for Colorado bands to find people."
Chris Mood, Band Seeking Musician
"The Music Mates site is very helpful. I got several responses right away."
Dave, Musician Seeking Band
"Music Mates is great!"
Tom Murray, Band Seeking Musician
"Music Mates saves the day once more. Thanks for being there."
Gary Montoya, Band Seeking Musician
"Great service. Worked within 2 days of posting the ad! We had singers calling left and right."
Sean, Band Seeking Musician
"We found half of our band with you guys. Thanks!"
Electric Side Dish, Band Seeking Musician
"Music Mates helped me find musicians in my area who wanted to make the same sort of music I do--We're off to a great start and the future's so bright...well, you know what I mean. Thanks Music Mates!"
Heather, Musician Seeking Band
"This worked much better than I expected. The connections I made here were better than those through any other source I have ever used."
David Farley, Musician Seeking Band
"Thanks for your musician finder site. We use it whenever we need to add a musician to our group. It is catching on and your help is greatly appreciated."
John Castro, Musician Seeking Band
"Excellent site. Have met many musicans here and scored some paying gigs."
Jeff Shell, Musician Seeking Band
"I'm glad to see anyone supporting local music anywhere!! You guys provide a great service."
"The response I have received has been beyond anything I had imagined. This is MUCH better than networking."
David, Musician Seeking Band

"This is about the only place to find musicians without driving all over town to check bulletin boards. Thanks!"
John, Band Seeking Musician

"The site is great as a one-stop-shop to post my add as well as have fellow musicians look at my profile."
Tom Case, Musician Seeking Band

"I found some kick-ass band members within a week of posting my ad. Thanks!"
Sean Walker, Musician Seeking Band

"Thank you for my drummer. His talent is amazing and he found ME! It didn't take long."
Joey Stice, Heather & Blacksmith

"Music Mates put our band together, with little or no help from us!"
EKG 125, Band Seeking Musicians
"The only really useful resource in finding band members that I've used."
Jim Ottenstein, Band Seeking Musicians
"I have contacted several musicians through Music Mates that I am now corresponding with and joined a band as a result. I would suggest giving Music Mates a try."
Brian Braham, Musician Seeking Band
"We found a drummer. What more can I say?"
Jim, Band Seeking Musicians
"I just want to personally thank you for the years of dedication to our Denver music scene. Thanks for hanging in there with us!"
Phillip Bailey
"Thank you for this service! We were able to find players as well as be seen by them in your postings. Keep it up. I'll be sure to tell everyone about Music Mates."
Tony Scott, HMG
"This is a great service. I received 15 offers in a couple of weeks."
Jeff Montoya
"The service hooked me up with a very compatible band. I received a good response and I'd definitely use Music Mates again."
"I used to drive all around town when we needed a replacement for the band. Within an hour on MusicMates I was able to get as many contacts or more than a weeks worth of beating the street."
Wayne, Streetlight
"I found a great band through Music Mates. I am very happy with the service."
Chris Scena, Musician Seeking Band
"Music Mates made it happen within days!"
Will, Musician Seeking Band
"We are one of several bands in the area that completely formed through Music Mates."
Shoq, Endless
"Music Mates is by far the best internet place for musicians."
Cory "hippie" Smith
"Please remove my ad because I am no longer looking for a band. Thank you for your service and I'll definitely use your service again and tell other people about you.
Jim Tungseth, Bass Player
"Please remove my Priority listing...once again great success, thanks to you and your staff."
Rick Kelly, Bass Player
"Have a band and was searching for places to mail promo packs and there you were. What a great site! Really think this will help the 'how to find the places to play' problem. Thanks!"
Barbara Henry with Cottonwood
"I just wanted to say thank you for having such a killer web site that will help the starving musician. We need resources like yours. Again, Thanx."
Mike Fackler
"Please remove my ad that I posted. I found a band. Thank you very much!!"
Dan Smith, Drummer
"Found a band, this site is awesome!! I'll surely be using it in the future."
John Gillen, Drummer
Keep up the great work. "I placed an ad on the posting board yesterday and we have a new bass player today courtesy of Music Mates. Thanks !!"
Jeff Riddle of Cat Daddy & the Magnificent Bastards
"I can't thank Music Mates enough! I had so much response from my 12/20/99 posting for a Bass Player seeking a Band that I could almost quit my day job."
Rick Bassman Kelly
"You are just soaing! I really feel honored to be a part of Music Mates. Best wishes to you in 2000 and here is a current calender for our web site..."
Sugar Bear Band
"Thank you so much for your service! We've just had another inquiry as a result of your website."
Hot Toddy
(See? Those Showcase Postings really work!)
"My band formed using your service and we are on our 4th gig this coming Friday."
Shaft (The return of Riff)
"Thanks to you guys my trio (called Wake) has formed and we are out on frequent gigs. Thank you Music Mates very much!"
"I network with dozens of musicians on a weekly basis and I always turn them onto you folks. It's a great service. Thank you for being the best music classifieds for all the Denver music scene and keep up the great work."
Phil Bailey
"This is the best advertising I have ever paid for and has yielded many good musicians for auditioning."
Michelle Pendragon, Witch Queen's Dragon
"Once again I've been able to successfully find an amazing musician on Music Mates. Our search for a drummer lasted one week, and we were gigging with him a week later. Thanks for your help, please take down our ad."
Ryan Tracy

"We have found our drummer. He saw our ad on your website. I have referred every single musician I know who is looking for a member to you guys. Once again, thanks a lot!"
Oran Mossop, Peace, Love and Destruction
"We have been doing business with Music Mates for a year or so, and yes it is the place for bands to find the right musician, or musicians to find bands. Marty puts a real personal touch on his great work, even comes out to hear the Band and take pictures! What a guy, thanks Marty and Music Mates for a job well done and I look forward to the future with this association.
Bob Morgan, Blackwood Magazine
"I've been listed with Music Mates for almost two years. Due to a steady influx of calls and new students, Music Mates is the only form of advertising I have needed to build a successful private studio that continues to grow. In addition, Music Mates has made a tremendous difference in the amount of visibility and therefore performing opportunities available to my band."
Jennifer Stone - Voice Instructor
"I just wanted to let you know that, thanks to Music Mates, I now have a complete band. I was pretty amazed at how much of a response we got from our ad. That was the best $25 I've spent in a while."
Bryan Cavanagh, Denver
We found this link on Hydraulic's web site:
"If you are a musician looking for a band, a band looking for a musician, a club looking for bands to hire, or looking for musical instruction, THIS [Music Mates] is the place for you! Serving Colorado and the surrounding area, Music Mates has the MOST comprehensive listing of musicians, instructors, bands, gigs, schedules, well you get the idea! I have done business with the proprietor, Marty Dickinson, since 1996, and he is a real straight shooter, no BS guy. He does what he says he's gonna do, and then some. He hosts my band's web site, and did a heckuva job, for peanuts too!"
Thanks for the kind words, Jeff! -Marty
"Thank you for taking the time to pass my information on to TNRS (a referral in Nashville). I appreciate the support, extra time, and effort it took to help me network even though you were not obligated. Indeed the music industry is turning and churning, and it's organizations like yours that are very important spokes in the wheels of the entire music industry. Keep up the good work, and once again, thank you."
Erik Don Ryan, Drummer in Florida
"Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your services. Simply by being listed to your subscribers has given me serveral opportunities to find other musicians with similar interests. Music Mates is definitely a big help, and allows people to have a quality environment for screening potential band members. I've already worked out with a couple of bands and have another audition this week."
Jason Tecza, Vocalist
This was on Haddy Poppish's links list:
Music Mates - Musician's search on the web (It's where we found half the band.)
"You'll never be in business more than a year!"
(We got that one in 1995.)
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