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Best New Jersey Original Bands Band Name (votes) Based Out Of Vote or View All Votes
Best New Jersey Rock Band Friends of Bill Wilson (21) New Jersey View/Vote
Best New Jersey Jam Band The No Holds Barred Variety Show (8) Buxport, Maine View/Vote
Best New Jersey Heavy Metal Band Kill Everything (9) NJ View/Vote
Best New Jersey Christian Rock Band Rev. Phil McCrackin & The Brokeback Churchboys (12) Bendover View/Vote
Best New Jersey Emo Band my chemical romance (9) belleville View/Vote
Best New Jersey Punk Rock Band The Video Vamp Experience Featuring Rye Seronie (6) NJ Recto View/Vote
Best New Jersey Indie Band Paul and the Dotheads (8) New Dehli View/Vote
Best New Jersey Goth/Industrial Band Dick Clarks Dead Metal (6) NJ View/Vote
Best New Jersey Country Band The Alcoholic Country Transvestites (14) Cowtown View/Vote
Best New Jersey Blues Band Liams Blue Balls (4) NJ View/Vote
Best New Jersey Cover Bands Band Name (votes) Based Out Of Vote or View All Votes
Best New Jersey Cover Band Tin Whiskers (36) Alloway, NJ View/Vote
Best New Jersey Tribute Band Queen Of The Ryche (41) ?????, NJ View/Vote
Best New Jersey Wedding Band Whole Milk (10) NJ View/Vote
Best New Jersey Musicians Musician Name (votes) Based Out Of Vote or View All Votes
Best New Jersey Guitar Player Pete DeGeorge (60) South Jersey View/Vote
Best New Jersey Bass Player Rob Pizapio (61) Belleville View/Vote
Best New Jersey Drummer J-Squared (10) J0k0r View/Vote
Best New Jersey Male Vocalist Jim Johnson (38) Alloway View/Vote
Best New Jersey Female Vocalist Emily (26) Australia View/Vote
Best New Jersey Keyboardist Damon Fibraio (68) Fords, NJ View/Vote
Best New Jersey Music-Related Business Company Name (votes) Based Out Of Vote or View All Votes
Best New Jersey Music Instrument Store Pauls Rusty Trombone (9) Fords View/Vote
Best New Jersey Music Paper/Zine Take it or Leave it Radio (12) Fords, NJ View/Vote
Best New Jersey Recording Studio Damons Ass (6) Here View/Vote
Best New Jersey Karaoke Club NHB Idol (9) Damons Ass View/Vote
Best New Jersey Rock Club The Opposite of Damons Bed (6) It Never Rocks View/Vote
Best New Jersey Dance Club The Tech Pepsi/ J0k0r club (6) i have marbles in my mouth View/Vote
Best New Jersey Jazz Club damon gives smiley jobs with his left and right hands (8) J0k0rs dungeon of love View/Vote
Best New Jersey Open Jam Club Genderbunnys Fuckshack (6) Your Moms Bed View/Vote
Best New Jersey Concert Venue damons bath house (7) fors, nj View/Vote

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