According to a music business analysis report, the U.K. saw an increase of music sales in 2017 and predicts another ten years or so before sales of music are more in line with the times of 2001. They attribute the growth in music sales to be related

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If Music Mates has helped you find a band, musician or music instructor or you have actually made money by having your profile posted on Music Mates, support the redesign and ongoing development of this website to serve you even better.

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We would like to feature two guitar tuning devices for you in this section. The first is so easy on the wallet that there is simply no excuse for any guitar player to be out of tune. The second is more forward-thinking, with speed of tuning and live

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Here is a short list of our favorite electric guitar strings. Click on the images to start your Amazon order. Shipping is free for Prime subscribers. Most musicians overlook the history involved with guitar strings. They simply try a few brands and

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The Music Mates blog is in-progress! Here we will provide frequent announcements related to the 2018 re-design and development project. Goal #1 is to get this site mobile responsive so that you can more easily submit your musician profiles and view

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